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The SlushSystem


ThirstEnders' innovative patented SlushSystem answers two of the most demanding needs for a frozen slush beverage distribution system - high volume and remote distribution.

The SlushSystem consists of the SlushBlender which is capable of making 3 gallons of frozen slush beverages, such as frozen lemonade or frozen margaritas, every 2 minutes; the SlushTender which is battery powered and designed to distribute up to 3 gallons of frozen slush beverage; the SlushPack which incorporates the SlushTender into a backpack beverage dispenser; and the SlushMobile which is a self contained vending trailer designed to house all the equipment necessary to produce frozen slush beverages including ice machines.

Whether you desire to serve slush beverages drinks in a high volume sports arena, a remote location in that arena, a large corporate picnic or sun worshippers on the beach, the SlushSystem is the only cost effective system capable of the task.

The uses of the SlushSystem are numerous and are only limited by your imagination. Contact Us! today and let us help you stretch your imagination and enhance your bottom line!

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