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    ThirstEnders International Corporation is a manufacturer of proprietary, mobile delivery systems for food, beverages and consumer products. ThirstEnders' products are innovative, high-quality, cost-effective and are utilized by the major international beverage companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Allied Domecq, CarlsBerg Brewing, Kraft General Foods, Nestle and United Distillers and Vintners.

ThirstEnders International Corp. is a privately held Texas corporation founded in 1985 by William O. Ash, Jr..

ThirstEnders is located in Houston, Texas and may be reached through e-mail by utilizing the (Contact Us!) form contained in this web-site, our e-mail address or via mail to the following address:

ThirstEnders International Corp.

11518 Bedford Street

Houston, Texas 77031

Further, you may reach us by telephone or fax at the following mumbers:

Telephone: (713) 664-8050

Fax: (281) 879-8301

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          Founded in 1985, ThirstEnders originated, patented and pioneered the development of backpack mobile delivery systems for food, beverages and consumer products.

We are the only provider of backpack systems that have been formally tested and approved by the major beverage companies, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, Kraft General Foods and others.

Ergonomically designed to ease the burden of the vendor, our backpack systems allow the stadium vendor to carry more product, deliver it faster and work safer and longer than any other system.

Our "walking, talking billboardsTM" are currently in service in many of the major stadiums in the United States (ThirstEnders' Venues) operated by the major concessionaire companies in cooperation with the major beverage companies.

Further, our systems are the ideal method for product sampling programs designed to reach consumer's in large crowds, busy street corners, supermarkets, chain stores or membership clubs.


Frederick (Fred) L. Ash

Lee Grover
Operations Manager

Lijah Bemley
Quality Control

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         ThirstEnders International Corporation has established the following trademarks:

ThirstEndersTM, BevPackTM, BottlePackTM, CanPackTM, SlushPackTM, GravityPackTM, IconPackTM, PeanutPackTM, BevMeterMixTM, SlushBlenderTM, ThirstBlenderTM, SlushMobileTM, SlushSystemTM, SlushTenderTM, as well as the logos at the top of this page and the following slogans:

Have thirst will travelTM

Think ThirstTM

Walking, talking billboardsTM

Keg on legsTM

Trial and terrorTM

The Company's products are covered by several patents which are under exclusive license to the Company. The following U.S. patents cover the Company's products:

4,869,402; 5,199,609; 5,611,457; 5,772,075; 5,826,746 and design patents 342,412 and 355,297.

In addition, the Company and its licensor have several patents pending on its products. The Company is committed to protecting its patent rights and will fully defend all such patent rights.

All formal enquiries relating to the Company's trade marks or intellectual property should be directed to:

Mr. Fred L. Ash

11518 Bedford Street

Houston, Texas 77031