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The GravityPack

The GravityPack is a low cost alternative to the ThirstEnders BevPack for the dispensing of hot or cold non-carbonated beverages. Further, the optional FullFlow Dispensing Gun Assembly is ideally suited for high viscosity beverages such as orange juice and soup. The GravityPack is a patented, portable, beverage marketing system that can be comfortably worn, allowing the wearer to serve up to 3 gallons of beverage, per load, literally anywhere thirsty people gather. In addition, the GravityPack offers the ability to promote your product through a custom made, high-visibility graphics advertising panel that fits on to the side of the backpack. The panel allows for advertising graphics of approximately 26" wide by 19" high.

The standard GravityPack unit consists of a backpack shell/harness, a 3-gallon insulated beverage ProducTank, a dispensing faucet assembly and money/cup belt. ThirstEnders offers a full line of support equipment and will be glad to discuss your specific vending requirements whether you are considering the purchase of one or many GravityPack units.

Temperature Retention:
State-of-the-art insulation of the ProducTank and shell provide superior performance. With an original filling temperature of 36° F (2° C), there is a two degree (2° F) loss per hour at 90° F (32° C) ambient temperature.

Ergonomically Designed:
85% of weight of the backpack is distributed to the foam hip belt. Load stabilizer straps shift backpack to the lower back. The backpack features conical cut hip and lumbar pads for added comfort.

Customized 4-Color Graphic Laminated Sign. Additional 3-gallon insulated beverage ProducTank.




 Signage Dimensions
   Height  24" (61.0cm)    Empty  14.5 lbs (6.6 kg)    Height  19" (48.3cm)  
   Width  11" (27.9cm)    Full  38.5 lbs (17.5kg)    Width  26" (66.0cm)  
   Depth  11" (27.9cm)              


Serving Size

 No. of Servings

 3 Gallons (11.4 liters) or 384 oz.

3 oz.
12 oz.

128 cups
32 cups

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