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The SlushTender


Battery Box

The only product of its kind, the SlushTender is a patented, portable, battery operated beverage dispenser designed to distribute frozen lemonade, frozen margaritas and virtually any other slush beverage. The SlushTender may be easily converted into a SlushPack backpack slush beverage dispenser. Alone, or in combination, the SlushTenderSlushPack enable the remote distribution of slush beverages to fans in the stands or sun worshippers on the beach.

When supported by the SlushBlender, the SlushTender becomes a high volume, low cost slush distribution system for use in major sports venues, large parties, picnics or wherever people gather in large numbers.

The SlushTender holds approximately 3 gallons of slush and weighs 48 pounds when fully loaded. The SlushTender is but one component of the fully integrated SlushSystem which includes all of the necessary equipment to produce slush in sufficient quantities to support the SlushTender. The SlushBlender is capable of making 3 gallons of slush in approximately two minutes and the SlushMobile is a vending trailer which houses all the equipment necessary to produce slush including the SlushBlender and ice machines.

The standard SlushTender unit consists of a 3-gallon insulated beverage product tank, a motor and battery with housing assembly. ThirstEnders offers a full line of support equipment and will be glad to discuss your specific vending requirements whether you are considering the purchase of one or many SlushTender units.

Temperature Retention:
State-of-the-art insulation of the ProducTank and shell provide superior performance. With an original filling temperature of 36° F (2° C), there is a two degree (2° F) loss per hour at 90° F (32° C) ambient temperature.

Customized 4-Color Graphic Laminated Sign, ThirstEnders Premium Drink Mixes.







Signage Dimensions

   Height  24" (61.0cm)    Empty  24 lbs (10.9 kg)    Height  19" (48.3cm)  
   Width  11" (27.9cm)    Full  48 lbs (22.2 kg)    Width  26" (66.0cm)  
   Depth  11" (27.9cm)              



Serving Size


 No. of Servings


 3 Gallons (11.4 liters) or 384 oz.


3 oz.
12 oz.


128 cups
32 cups

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