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The exciting, powerfully visual and dynamic sampling and promotional vehicle, the MobiCan, is a support trailer built to provide a complete mobile staging system for our backpack systems. The rugged reinforced fiber glass structure on a twin-axle steel chassis, complete with slip resistant flooring can be shaped like the beverage products packaging such as a can or bottle laid horizontally.

The trailers are designed to function as a booth and filling trailer which will also advertise the brand with over 18 square meters of advertising space. The spacious interior can accommodate up to 4 people as well as filling systems for our backpacks, and/or large ice bins complete with insulated sliding lids capable of holding cans and plastic bottles.

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Generators, water tanks.

"Pepsi" and "Mountain Dew" are trademarks of the Pepsi-Cola Company.
"MobiCan" is a trademark of CanMobiles

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