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    "Vendor sales have increased across the board since the introduction of the Bottle/CanPacks. We are finding they allow the vendors to sell longer since they are less fatigued and the graphics we feel do generate impulse sales. The quality of the serve to our fans has also been improved." - John A. Vitale, Aramark General Manager Food & Beverage, Astrodome Complex

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with our BevPack beverage dispensing system. We have found it to be very versatile for sampling 'hard to reach' locations, especially at sporting events. The BevPack system has become an important part of our overall brand sampling plans for this year. Also, the reliability of the unit, my bottler purchased, has been quite good--with many sampling events behind us, we have not had a single equipment failure. We appreciate your strong ongoing customer support and wish you continued success!" - James Sewell, Market Manager, Coca-Cola USA, Jacksonville, FL

"We can go where no one else can and deliver ice-cold samples even to kids in school rooms! The light and easy to operate BevPacks allow us to stand out among the average 'me-too', sampling campaigns." - Earl Dyke of Pepsi-Cola South

"Prior to the implementation of the backpacks, we have experimented with several different methods of vending, your system has without a doubt, proven to be the most successful way for us to maximize our beer sales." - Patricia A. Pielert, Fine Host General Manager, Coral Sky Amphitheatre

"This has been the biggest sale of beer in one day, at a special event which the Ceylon Brewery has participated in the recent past. It is no doubt that the BevPacks were at their best performance at the match and this achievement was a tremendous moral boost for all our team members at the Ceylon Brewery" - Muditha Cooray, The Ceylon Brewery Ltd. Sri Lanka, World Cup Cricket Match at Asgiriya Stadium

"The BevPack is unique in that you can approach the ideal person to sample the product. It reaches over 90% of the intended users of the product! There is not a better way to serve Gatorade. The first two days of the opening, the check out lines were 20 carts deep at each station. The Gatorade demonstrators walked throughout the checkout lines serving the new Gatorade flavors. Within minutes the displays were empty!" - Alan Hargis, Account Executive, Brown, Moore & Flint, Inc. Dallas. Tom Thumb Grand Opening

"What impressed me most was your ever eagerness and willingness to 'walk the extra mile' to ensure that everything went on as planned (often difficult especially in the context of the last SEA Games)." - Sam Ang, Deputy General Manager Group Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited

"The station created funny names for the three samplers and challenged radio listeners to look for them at malls for the 'surprise' appearances. By the second weekend they had become mini-celebrities in the (Cincinnati) area. What an exciting and effective way to create impact and brand retention!" - Rory Flynn, Promotion Director Q-102 Radio, "Sunny Delight" Sampling Promotion

"The Residence Inn by Marriott has really enjoyed working with ThirstEnders every year. At each function we have loved watching the reaction of 'the crowd'. I think it is safe to say that Marriott and ThirstEnders 'stole the show'!" - Paula Clampitt, Director of Sales, Marriott Residence Inn

"The walking-talking billboard at the Pepsi booth caused quite a stir - ambush marketing at its best!" - Competitor executive in booth next to Pepsi-Cola (name withheld upon request) InterBev'92

"The BevPacks added 'top-spin' to our promotion and boy did the drivers love it!" - Dale Pierce, Promotion Director, Z-107 Radio, Community Coffee "Coffee Break" promotion

"Sometimes the crowds around us (the ThirstEnders samplers) grew so big they would prevent us from circulating. We are quite pleased with the BevPack unit's ease of operation and look forward to continuing the promotion." - Tom Sheridan, Promotions Assistant, KPWR 106 Radio, Los Angeles 10K Race Promotion

"What an outstanding opportunity it was to include ThirstEnders in our Grand Opening recently in Austin. I would like to compliment your support team on the excellent job they did to help make the Grand Opening a success. I hope this is only the first of many appearances of ThirstEnders at future Grandy's promotions." - Steve Keck, Promotions Manager, Grandy's Grand Opening

"The nice thing about the BevPacks was that I was able to quickly switch brands by easily snapping on and off the different logo signs on the BevPacks. Shoppers were surprised and pleased to have samples given to them when they first came in and while standing in the check-out lines." - Michael Duffy, Vice President, Vess Cola, Randall's Supermarket Promotion

"Our store serves a predominantly blue collar market and seltzers might not be considered a 'real hot' item. This product had been in our market for only a short time prior to this test. During this period we had very little movement of product. (Approximately two cases of Zeltzer Seltzer per week, six flavors available). This was not unexpected for an unique product. There was no advertising in our area for this product. The only promotional support in marketing Zeltzer Seltzer for our supplier/partner in this instance was one 'end cap' display and the ThirstEnders system. Imagine our pleasure when we found our total sales topped seventy-five cases of product during this one week event! We have experienced an unusually high level of repeat purchases of this product, for a longer period of time than we usually achieve. I attribute the great success of our promotion to the fact the ThirstEnders system allowed more consumer attention and also allowed for the ThirstEnders' demonstrator to inform the consumer of the product location, sales price, flavors, etc., while filling the consumer's cup." - Gary Waltman, General Manager, Sun Mart Food Stores, "Summer Circus Sales

"A complete success, we are pleased with the ThirstEnder's system and look forward to future activity. It is a 'hole card' to offer such a unique and effective sampling tool to our beverage company clients." - Steve Hinsicker, Account Executive, Gatorade Five City Summer Sampling Promotion

"At our gas station Grand Openings, the ThirstEnders vendors will walk right up to the car window and give the customer a free ice cold soda for stopping by for gas. On a hot Texas day, we get lots of smiles and thank-yous, it's the cat's meow!" - Tom Ray, Merchandising Director, Chevron Oil

"Indispensable dispenser. Definitely adds life to the party." - David Smalley, President Spectrum Special Events, "4th of July Freedom Festival", San Antonio, Texas

"With a 500,000 people crowd, ThirstEnders took the pressure off of our stand lines and significantly increased our bottom line." - Bob Borochoff, President, Epic Special Events, "4th of July Houston Freedom Festival

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